LAB Advantages, why LAB

Dosing and transport in one operation

The LAB EU patent allows the simple and fast dosing of bulk materials.
The individual bulk materials are extracted from the container in an unproblematic pouring-out process (i.e. without forming bridges, funnels or lumps), and are simultaneously roughly and precisely metered in one and the same operation.
– Due to the patented process technology, high investments in pressure sluices and dosing screws and their high maintenance costs are avoided.
- The bulk materials are sucked from the different extraction options.

No development of dust in the vacuum system

In contrast to pure pressure extraction equipment, the vacuum extraction equipment prevents the bulk material from leaking out if there is a conveying pipe leak. The occurrence of a dangerous situation due to dust formation or gas leakage is not possible. There is only power loss if there is a leak.

Dust-free to the maximum extent with Big Bag

In the case of the Big Bag extraction station, the Big Bag closer ensures an almost dust-free working atmosphere.

Completely dust-free with LAB interchangeable container and silo

With the interchangeable container or the silo, the LAB process engineering forms a completely closed system, from extraction up to production. Completely dust-free working is then possible.

Fast extraction, dosing and conveying

The LAB process technology can withdraw, weigh and convey to the receiving station, different recipes from different extraction stations within minutes.
Every additional aggradation for the – ongoing dosing – at filters or for other recipes in other sectors can be invoked within minutes from the production zone. In this context, see the corresponding time specifications at the LABOMAT Conveying and Dosing device.
While the mixing container is homogenising, the first recipe, the LABOMAT can simultaneously withdraw the new recipe from the extraction stations and weigh it. As soon as the mixing container has been emptied again, it is free for the homogenisation of the next recipe.
Other production lines can thus be supplied with the individual recipes without any problems.

Distances of 100 m and more

If required, the extraction station can be constructed up to 100 metres from the mixing container or the production zone. Height differences can also be overcome when this is done.
Separation of the working areas, as is usually done in pharmacies, can be set up. Extraction stations can thus be constructed in the „Dirt area“ like the bulk materials store; the LABOMAT in the clean intermediate zone and the mixing container or the on-site receiving device in the clinically clean production zone.

10% saving in material

10% material is saved thanks to the innovative LAB process engineering:
– Complete emptying of the Big Bag, interchangeable container or silo using the LAB vacuum technology.
– Transport losses from packaging damage are eliminated.
– Targeted mixing of the suspension or the mixture, no losses.
– Dosing accuracies of +/-100g can be achieved.
– absolute consumption control, direct regulation of over- / under-dosing.

Minimum CO2 consumption in the brewery sector

In breweries, feeding of the bulk materials into the mixing containers has to take place using CO2. In an online process, the LAB technology conveys the dry components which have already been weighed in the vacuum system (below the water surface) into a mixing container.
The CO² consumption required for this conveying process is minimized and only amounts to a fraction of that of a complete pressure conveying process from the bulky materials containers.
The extraction and weighing of the bulk materials takes place in a vacuum and does not require any CO2. This also eliminates the expensive CO2- control systems in the chambers.

Automation in the production

Automatic call-up of replenishment controlled by the production, through networking with the downstream technology like the mixer, filter and other production engineering.
Automatic stores control matched to the production planning and the purchase ordering.
Consumption control of the individual bulk materials with listing.
Display of the over-/under-dosing and direct regulation.
Quality improvement through fully automatic bulk materials handling.

Environmental relief and cost reduction

68% CO2 cost saving and relief for the environment as compared to the traditional pressure conveying system.
Thanks to the low-maintenance LAB process engineering, high spare parts costs for the annual service are not expected.
Cost savings through 10% material saving.

Simplification of the work for the employee

Adherence to the workplace limit values (TRGS900) as laid down by the Bundesanstalt für Arbeitsschutz und Arbeitsmedizin (Federal German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) or the REACH ordinance (EC no. 1907/2006) of the European Parliament and Council. With the Big Bag-, LAB interchangeable container- or silo-extraction, the dust pollution to which your employees are subjected is eliminated.
Harm to the posture from carrying heavy sacks is eliminated with these extraction alternatives.

And lots more