LAB interchangeable container extraction


Even today, in many companies, bulk materials are delivered and stored in sacks or Big Bags.

In these circumstances, the bulk materials often have to be stored in a special manner to protect them from moisture or change in taste.

  • During transport, the sacks often get damaged, as a result of which expensive bulk material is lost as waste.
  • No storage capacity for short-term internal excess production
  • Silo stock swapping during service work
  • Daily packaging waste from unpacking
  • Increasing disposal costs for packaging waste
  • Dusty production lines
  • More and more stringent requirements of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association.
  • Additional expenses for transporting tanks, storage tanks and dosing tanks. Instead, one bulky materials tank for all three applications.

The LAB interchangeable container was conceived years ago in accordance with the directives of the packaging ordinance and built especially for powdery, dusty and slow flowing bulk materials.

The LAB interchangeable container is a transporting, storage and dosing barrel.

In conjunction with the LAB extraction and dosing technology, the bulk materials can be extracted without any problems, without the formation of any bridges and chimneys. The interchangeable container, as a re-usable container, serves as an external and internal transporter.

The interchangeable container can ideally be used for slow-flowing and dusty bulk materials, with different discharge technologies.

A hygienic cap protects the discharge opening during transport.

There are no packaging and disposal costs for pallets, foils or Big Bags and this causes less pollution of the environment.

The construction of the interchangeable container corresponds to the standardised EU dimensions. The loading capacity is 26-28 interchangeable containers / standard lorry.

Technical data
Dimensions (L x B x H): 1,200 x 1,000 x 2,000 mm
Discharge opening: 500 x 600mm
Lifting function: Forklift truck/ lifting truck / crane
Volume: 2,000 ltr.
Tare weight: 80 – 170 kg, depending on the shutting-off technology
Storage: Stackable
Loading capacity, lorry: 26/28 containers / truck
Containers: Plastic PE (food-grade)
Optimale Menge: 10kg – 1.000kg / Charge