Adjustments without limit

If a smaller amount of bulk material is required or an adaptation to the existing receiving station, we are happy to adapt our process technology to the requirements.

Turn-Key Project

All from one hand? We are also pleased to supply our system as a complete solution including software programming, electrical wiring and other alternatives.

Test your bulk material in advance

Have we not yet transported your bulk material with our process technology or are other requirements for the technology required?

Then we can test these in our test facility at our production regarding extraction and transport movability. Test results are then made available to you.

Your contact also after commissioning

Even years after commissioning, changes are often made. If the supplier of the Big Bag changes and the extraction station has to be adapted, new bulk materials with different recipe will be removed or will the plant just have to be extended?

We are ready!

Annual service

Our service engineer will be happy to help with the annual service world wide. The individual adjustments and standard wear parts will be checked and, if necessary, exchanged directly.

Spare Parts

All spare parts of the delivered plant are stored in our system and can be easily assembled.

A call is enough and we will create your spare parts package.

Service hotline

You can reach us by phone or e-mail. If there is a problem with the LAB system, we help you directly by telephone.
Tel. +49 39923 71 955